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5 SEO Metrics Your Tree Company Should Track

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Blog

How much organic traffic does your tree company’s website bring in each month? Of all the SEO metrics you should track, organic traffic is the most obvious one of the bunch. This number indicates the amount of traffic your site receives from search engine results pages (SERPs).

Organic traffic is just one of the important SEO metrics your tree company should track, though. To ensure you’re delivering an excellent user experience with your website, you should also take other SEO metrics into account. You can then aim to improve these metrics to make your tree company’s site stand out in the crowd.

Check out five SEO metrics your tree company should monitor and make them a bigger part of your tree removal marketing strategy.

1. Average Page Load Time

A recent survey revealed that about 25% of people leave websites if they take more than four seconds to load. Tracking your website’s average page load time could work wonders for its traffic. Its load speed can determine how many people stay on your site after first visiting it.

You can improve your site’s speed by:

  • Optimizing the images published on it.
  • Limiting the usage of external scripts.
  • Reducing the number of HTTP requests.

The faster your tree company’s website loads, the greater the chances of people sticking around when they visit.

2. Keyword Rankings

Creating high-quality content for your website is a fantastic way to encourage people to stay on it. From the landing pages you set up for marketing purposes to the blog you use to post about industry trends, each page on your site should contain professionally written content that offers value to customers.

This content should also include certain keywords that pertain to your industry. Figure out which tree-related keywords your customers might search for online and add them to your site.

The keywords you incorporate into your site’s content should rank high compared to your competitors. Position-tracking tools can provide you with insight into where your site’s keywords rank so you can adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

3. Backlinks

The high-quality content you post on your website should have internal links. These internal links can redirect visitors to other parts of your website. They can also help your site’s SEO, since Google looks favorably upon those who add links to content.

You should also make it your mission to get as many backlinks for your site as possible. Backlinks are links to your site on other sites that demonstrate your authority. You can earn backlinks by:

  • Guest blogging for other sites.
  • Posting links on your tree company’s social media pages.
  • Calling on a digital marketing company to help.

4. Pages Per Session

Do the people who visit your tree company’s website leave after seeing the homepage — or do they poke around and read through a few pages before saying goodbye? Ideally, you want people to spend as much time as possible on your site and eventually decide to schedule services. Pages per session is another one of the important SEO metrics.

This metric refers to how many pages a person looks at on your site before leaving. If a user interacts with your site and doesn’t make it further than the first one or two pages, it might be time to revamp it.

5. Exit Rate

The exit rate for your website alludes to which pages people typically look at right before leaving. If you notice lots of people leaving after looking at the same page, it could suggest it isn’t strong enough.

This metric shows which pages on your site may need overhauling. Invest in your online presence more and prevent people from leaving your site sooner than you’d like.

Track These SEO Metrics To Take Your Tree Company’s Website to the Next Level

Over 80,000 tree services operate throughout the country. This statistic showcases the importance of taking the SEO metrics for your tree company’s website seriously. You can compete with other tree services more effectively by doing things like speeding up your site and adding internal links to it.

Tree Service Digital is the SEO company tree service contractors trust to give their website’s SEO a boost. Call us at 770-637-3707 to take advantage of our services.

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