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Direct Mail Marketing
Local Zip Code Saturation

Have you wondered if direct mail marketing actually works? There are lots of things to consider when evaluating your marketing for tree service in your local area. Internet marketing is great and brings in high quality leads when residents are looking for your tree services in our experience. Reason being is that local consumers are actually doing a search for your services, with an intent to buy, type in something like “tree service near me” or “tree removal city, st” and get some results on Google. Well, if you are plastered on the 1st page with Google Ads, Google Maps, and show up organically for your website for all 3 of these, you will get a lot of business from the internet. But what if this isn’t enough? And you want more leads, then what?

That is when direct mail marketing to supplement what you are doing on the internet, works really well. You can effectively saturate your local area with letters in the mailbox of all local residents in targeted zip codes. And, with our letters, people that check their mailboxes have to see your letter because it is not buried in some envelope. This is unlike how Val-Pak, and Money Mailer works. Consumers have to dig through dozens of coupons to stumble across yours, which is a lower percentage chance of yours being seen or found. With ours however, a direct letter to the homeowner and business, they have to see your letter no matter what. People that are thinking about tree services will call. Interested? Here is how it works…

  • Pick The zip codes that you would want to target for direct mail.
  • Choose the quantity of letters you would be comfortable mailing.
  • Fill out the onboarding form below with your quick company details
  • Make payment for mailers and we do the rest
  • We cover extracting your zip code list, preparation, design, printing, postage,  and shipping to your local post office. You just wait on calls.


3,000 Mailers: $1750 (starter)

6,000 Mailers: $3,350  (traction)

9,000 Mailers: (custom) (domination)

We recommend breaking up the mailers into two separate mailings per month for anything over 3,000.  Every two weeks is ideal so as to not get all calls on the same day or next day.

It is pretty simple, get targeted tree service calls coming in from the areas that you want the most. Sound good? Fill out the form below or call 770-637-3707 with any questions!

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