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How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile for Tree Service

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Blog

These days, having a Google Business Profile is a must for every company. If your listing doesn’t show up in a web search for “local tree service companies” or “tree trimming near me,” potential customers won’t be able to find your business.

A Google Business Profile shows web searchers your contact information and hours, plus photos, promotions, and reviews of your services. What’s more, properly optimizing your profile can improve SEO for tree services, getting your business name in front of even more customers. 

Here, we walk you through how to optimize Google Business Profiles, give you tips for keeping your listing fresh, and explain why this is all so important in the first place.

5 Advantages of Optimizing Your Business Profile

A cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy, a Google Business Profile is like an online phone book, road map, and company brochure all in one. Below are just a few of the benefits your local tree service company could see from business profile optimization:

  1. Improve local search visibility: An optimized Google Business profile can help boost your ranking in local search engines. This means more potential customers will see your business when typing relevant search terms into Google.
  2. Make key information easy to find: The layout of Google listings (including their Google Maps integration) means customers don’t have to search for your address, phone number, or business hours. In addition to helping customers reach you, this can save your staff time normally spent answering repeated questions.
  3. Turn leads into customers: Appearing in online searches is only the first step of converting web visitors into customers. An optimized Google listing helps them continue the conversation by chatting with customer service representatives, booking an appointment online, or requesting a free quote.
  4. Highlight customer reviews: Thanks to the layout of your profile in Google, customer reviews get prime online real estate. Your star ranking (such as 4.7/5) appears right underneath your business name, above other key company details.
  5. Manage the public conversation: Instead of calling your business, today’s customers may opt to ask a question on your listing or leave a public review. If you properly manage your profile, you can control the conversation by answering questions and responding to reviews.

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Business Profile

Whether you’ve already created a Google business listing or are just starting out, the following guidelines are essential for knowing how to optimize Google Business Profiles.

  1. Take care with your business name: Use the exact business name that appears on your company signs and other marketing materials. This not only helps keep your branding consistent but can also prevent you from running afoul of Google profile regulations prohibiting the use of keywords (like adding locations that aren’t part of your official name).
  2. Enter other details carefully: Input your correct address and a local phone number, which indicate that you’re a legitimate area business. Make sure to add accurate business hours and updated holiday hours, which can prevent potentially negative experiences and reviews from customers.
  3. Write a strong description: The “from the business” section of your profile allows you to craft a 750-character description. Make sure to include keywords that customers use to find tree service companies like yours. You should also put important information in the first 250 characters, and don’t include links or any details you have in other sections of your profile.
  4. Keep your listing fresh: Optimizing a Google Business Profile is not a one-and-done marketing task. Regularly update your profile by adding photos and videos, soliciting new reviews, and paying close attention to any account activity. You can also benefit from free advertising by posting promotional offers and special events via Google Posts, perhaps highlighting different tree services as the seasons change.
  5. Respond to reviews: The prominence of Google reviews can work for you or against you. While having an occasional negative review is unlikely to hurt your reputation, not responding to it can. Proper customer review management includes politely addressing criticism and encouraging reviewers to contact you to resolve the issue.

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