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How To Get More Google Reviews for Your Tree Company

by | May 19, 2024 | Blog

It is no secret that positive Google reviews are good for the tree service business. Property owners like to hear about the past success of a tree care or tree removal business before they venture a call or ask for a quote. If your tree company is trying to get off the ground, you’ll want to gather as many positive reviews as possible to build trust with local customers.

Here’s how to get more Google reviews for your tree business from the industry experts at Tree Service Digital. If you need a little help fleshing out your tree business’s marketing strategy, the team is always available.

Work On Your Tree Service’s Google Business Profile

What’s the easiest way to increase Google reviews? Optimize your tree company’s Google Business Profile, of course. This used to be called Google My Business or GMB.

Claim Your Profile

The first step is to claim your profile. Here’s how to do that:

  • Open Google Maps
  • Search for your tree business
  • Double-check it’s the right tree business and not one with a similar name
  • Hit “Claim This Business” and follow the instructions that follow

Set up Your Profile

Enhancing your Google review presence can only happen with a fully completed profile. Knowing how to get more Google reviews includes working through each profile feature.

Mistakes will give your potential tree service customers the wrong information and threaten your standing on Google, so fill in your tree business’s information as accurately as possible.

Continuously Update Your Profile

Your tree company’s Google Profile isn’t static–claiming it and forgetting about it won’t help with growing Google review numbers. Regularly check this profile, updating it if anything changes in your tree business’s contact information, business hours, and so on.

Uploading new pictures of your current projects is also helpful as Google puts your tree company in front of more pairs of eyes.

Fine-Tune Your Website

Is your tree service pursuing any other types of digital marketing? Have you fine-tuned your website and linked social media platforms?

Tree service advertising with Tree Service Digital makes this process a lot easier as you get some help with the ins and outs of web design, SEO, and gathering tree customer reviews.

Getting Google Reviews From Tree Service Clients

Is your Google Business Profile fully updated? Your tree service can start working on getting more Google feedback by actively seeking out reviews from past clients. Here are a few ideas to streamline that process:

Plant: Create a Google Reviews Link

Google allows you to create a link that directs users right to your review page.

  • Go to your Google Business account
  • Select the Home tab
  • Find the card that mentions getting reviews
  • Pick the option that allows you to share a review form

Clicking this option will pull up a link that you can copy.

Nurture: Ask People for Reviews

Do you want to know how to get more Google reviews for your tree business in a way that is easy and free (organic)? Just ask your customers to review your tree service on Google!

After you complete a job for them, remind them about your Google profile’s review option and invite them to rate you. You can even create a direct review link and direct people to this link to start their review process.

Prune: Manage Your Feedback

The number of Google reviews isn’t the only aim here. Improving Google review ratings requires managing this information.

Thank anyone who leaves a review and tell them how much you appreciate their business. Other tree service customers who see your responses may leave reviews of their own, thus boosting Google review count numbers even more. Also, responding to negative reviews calmly and mindfully proves to customers that you’re working on things and can be trusted.

More on How To Get More Google Reviews For Your Tree Company

Now that you know how to get more Google reviews, you can focus on improving your tree business’s online presence for more tree service bookings down the road.

Tree Service Digital’s professional-level Google Business Profile optimization makes things like Google reviews simpler. If you’d like to increase your tree company’s visibility online and drive more leads, call 770-637-3707 to schedule a discovery call.

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