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5 Ways To Turbo Charge Your Digital Marketing in 2021

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Blog

Wesley Smith:  Hey, guys. Wesley Smith, your Tree Service Digital. I hope everybody’s having a great week. Happy Friday to you. I wanted to show you really quick a couple of things that we come up with to help you get better online marketing results. One of the things I wanted to show you, I want to go ahead and share my screen with you. Let me get my screen shared.

What we do is we share a couple of different options for people. If we go over this in full detail, in our 2021 online marketing strategy, how to get your Internet marketing right for Tree Service, our past webinar. It was at the end of December, maybe the first part of January. We’re probably going to do it again because we had a really good feedback on that particular webinar.

I want to make sure everybody got those ideas and took those and ran with them. This is going to be a short video clip, condensed version of how to get your Internet marketing right in 2021. Right now is a great time to do that. If you didn’t do it yet, you’re not too late.

I’ve got my screen shared here. I hope you can see my slides. Let me see if I’ve got this other part up. What I want to do is go through with you five ways to turbocharge your digital marketing for 2021. Again, a lot of people budget and look at this stuff back in maybe November, December for the upcoming year, for 2021. If you didn’t, it’s not a big deal.

We’re still coming out of this winter season, about to move forward in the busy season next month in March and all the way through probably November. You’re not too late. You still got 30, 60 days to plan ahead, to get this right, and to get everything ramped up and revved up for the next month or two.

I wanted to put this quick video together for you and show you the five ways to turbocharge your digital marketing in 2021. Again, we go over this in full detail on the year 2021 Internet marketing strategy for tree service contractors.

It’s a full comprehensive webinar on everything you need to do to maximize your lead flow from the Internet. All the search is online for tree service, tree removal, things like that to grow your business.

That’s on our podcast, “Tree Service Marketing Profits.” We’ve got an audio version of that on the podcast. We’ve got it on the YouTube channel, the replay for that webinar for your 2021 marketing plan. I’m going to go through a condensed version for you to take a look.

Hopefully, you can see the screens here every now and then. I’m sharing the screen, but it’s not showing the document. I got pulled up, so I’m not sure if you can see it. This is going to be the five ways to turbocharge your digital marketing for 2021.

The number one thing you want to do is get a tree service website done that is mobile, responsive, and highly converting. What that looks like is there’s a lot of older websites still that maybe are from 2008, 2010, 2012 in the tree service space.

We see these pretty often. A lot of times, we’re coming through, and we’re completely revamping someone’s online approach to their marketing. What we find is, a lot of times, there’s a lot of non‑mobile‑friendly tree service websites. If you look at the statistics in today’s day and age, roughly 75 to 80 percent of all searches is on the Internet are done from a mobile device.

If you don’t want to have people bounce off your website consistently and often, you need to have a mobile‑responsive website so that when people land on your website and they’re on a smartphone, they can easily just click a button, and it generates a call right to your office.

That’s going to be responsible for probably 20 to 30, 40 percent more leads with the same amount of visitors to your website. If you think about it, you’re catering to those people that are on a mobile device. If 80 percent of the people searching, you’re on a mobile device, you want to cater to that 80 percent versus the old ones.

The great thing about a mobile‑responsive website is it’s still responsive for desktop, tablet, laptop, any other device they’re searching from, but it caters to that mobile search viewer. All they have to do is click with their thumb a clickable link, and it generates a call right to your office. You’re on the phone with that leaf.

The next thing is you want a lot of testimonials on your website, your services, pictures of you guys in action. Bring your business to life on your website so that you’ve got pictures and photos of all the services you do, things like that.

Some people are in a position or in a place where they can’t talk at the moment, but they still want to get an estimate. They want to get some work done for tree service. You need a lot of get‑a‑free‑estimate, or get‑an‑estimate, or request‑an‑estimate type contact forms all over your website.

I would say every page is good. You can’t have too many of those. You don’t want to have one after another on the same page, but maybe one at the top of the page, one on the sidebar of the page, perhaps, one in the footer, one at the bottom of the page.

Then you also want clickable links over to the Contact page and things like that. You want to get a tree service website that’s mobile, responsive, and highly converting, number one.

Number two is you want to set up and optimize your Google Map listings. That’s called your Google My Business listings. Typically, if you’re in your Gmail or any Google account and you’re logged in, up on the top right, you’re going to see a tic‑tac‑toe board. If you hover over it says Apps.

When you click on that Apps button, there’s going to be a storefront‑looking icon. That’s your Google My Business. When you click on that, it opens up your business. I’ve done a couple of other videos on how to set up your Google My Business listing. If you have not done that yet, if you’re an established business, more than likely, you already have that set up in your office and online.

You want to optimize that thing too. In the info tab of the Google My Business listing, you want to make sure you select the right categories. We’ve seen tree service contractors listed as roofers, or electricians, or anything else.

You want to make sure the top category you’re listed in is tree service. Maybe second, you want arborist, and tree surgeon, and then landscaping if you do a little bit of that perhaps. Most of the time, you just want to cater and focus on one or two of those, the tree service arborist and tree surgeon, the two categories that we recommend.

You also want to upload a lot of photos in there. You want to have your website URL that people can click to go to your website. That plays a large role in your local SEO, is the correct website link in your Google My Business listing.

You want to have your hours set. The longer you have your hours in your Google My Business listing, the better. If you set it from 9:00 to 5:00 for example, there’s a lot of people that get off work and still search for tree service at six, seven, eight o’clock PM.

You’re not going to get those calls typically because when your hours don’t show in your Google My Business listing where you’re closed at 6:00 PM. Google is not going to show your map listing as often as they show somebody else’s that has their hours open.

Even 24/7, every day a week is fine. You’re going to get a lot of emergency calls with that, which is good. Those are highly profitable jobs. Optimize that Google My Business listing.

The next thing is in there, there’s a description. You can literally go in there and write a very long description inside your Google My Business listing with the keywords for your local area. If you’re in Atlanta, we’re the top tree service company here in metro Atlanta with tree trimming, tree removal, land clearing, tree pruning, etc.

That’ll give Google another idea of what your listing is all about, the keywords you want to ring for. Then, also, you want to go in there and post on your Google My Business listing weekly.

Typically, the post, when you post on there, stays live for approximately seven days. Although lately, it looks like they’ve been letting it stay live for longer. We simply still post once per week, at least three times per month on a Google My Business listing for enhanced results to get better search results and be seen a little bit more in the local market.

Those are the things that I would do if you Google My Business listing. Don’t overlook that. Make sure you get about at least 10 or 20 photos uploaded in there too. You just want to keep active on there because there’s a lot of companies that don’t manage their Google My Business listing.

By you managing it and staying active on it, it’s going to move up that map pack and get you up in the top of the maps. That generates a ton of calls on that first page of Google.

Number three is you want to make sure on that Google Map list and your Google My Business listing, you’re soliciting people to give you reviews. Get everybody and anybody to give you a review. You may want to start with family members you’ve done some tree work for. Maybe you’ve done some minor stuff for them.

They can, at least, speak to your credibility, your friendliness, your safety precautions you guys take. Anything like that on your business listing as a review is going to go a long way.

We always suggest to proactively get five‑star reviews from happy clients because inevitably, once in a while you’re going to get a bad review. It could have been from anything from missing an appointment or tearing up the grass a little bit, whatever that may be.

You want to make sure you’re very proactive in getting a lot of those online reviews, five‑star reviews, because then if you get one bad one, it’s not going to affect you that much, if that makes sense.

If you’re 4.8 stars or 4.9 stars average rating at 30 or 40 reviews, that’s still excellent. Nobody’s going to think about that one‑star review. Just make sure you’re always proactively getting those Google reviews. It makes it a lot easier to get those if you’ve got a tool that helps you get those reviews in mass every single month.

Number four, if you want even more call volume, if your SEO is not dialed in, maybe your website’s brand new and it’s taken a while to rank or something like that, or you just need more lead flow in your market, set up Google AdWords and come up with a budget.

Google Ads is a good way to target the local area and get a lot of calls coming in from the local area. You can set these ads up for any keyword you want to get calls for. That’s the beauty of Google Ads, is the laser‑focused targeting you can do in the geographical areas you want the ads to show up in and the specific services that you want people to call you for.

If you don’t like doing tree trimming and pruning and stuff like that, you don’t have to bid on those keywords for tree trimming and pruning. You can just simply bid on tree removal, land clearing, maybe tree trimming and pruning if you want. A tree service is a big one and things like that.

Google Ads is really good because we can literally customize where your ads show and how many calls you get. You can set a budget. You can say, “Look, I’m going to dedicate a $1,000 a month for my Google Ads budget. I’m going to just stick with it because I know it generates calls for us. We’re going to keep that running.”

We’ve got clients spending $1,000 a month. We’ve got clients spending $5,000 a month on Google PPC because it does work if you know how to set it up properly.

Number five, last but not least, start email marketing your client database. A lot of tree companies out there had enormous client database, 5,000 people, 10,000 people, 20,000 people on their client database. There’s nothing better, nothing easier than sending a mass email out and getting 10, 20, 30 appointments scheduled from an email blast.

What we typically do is if a client is using SingleOps, or, or Arborgold or something similar, what we do is we can extract the list from your system, from their system in an Excel spreadsheet.

We then verify every email address in the system. You don’t want to send emails to unverified or not good email addresses, because the more bounces you get with those sends, the worse it is for your email address.

We have to make sure we verify all those emails first, 5,000, 10,000 of them that are in your account. Then from there, you can set up Constant Contact and MailChimp. There’s various different email tools you can set up and use.

Typically, what we do is we set a monthly newsletter to the client database for our clients or on behalf of clients. You can set it up and do this yourself if you want to if you’re a tree service business watching this.

You can send this email directly to your clients. It can be your monthly blog post. Then it goes on your website about tree care tips, when to trim your trees in the springtime, why wintertime is a good time to prune your trees, how to spot a dead tree, or whatever that blog post is.

You can send a newsletter monthly for that blog post with calls to action in the body of email, your contact information, click the call button on the website where somebody gets on their phone. They get that email. They can just tap it real quick, generate a call to your office.

Then you could also have offers, discounts on the email. They can only get that from the email they receive. It’s more than likely one of your previous clients or someone that you’ve proposed or given an estimate to. They maybe didn’t move forward with it yet, but they’re still on your email list.

By giving them $200 off your next invoice of $2,000 or more, or you can say $300 off $3,000 or something like that, you’ll get clicks and get calls from the people that are already looking to get a tree removed or get some tree work done.

Don’t overlook email marketing. It’s very crucial to set that up. It really helps. It goes a long way in keeping top of mind to your current database. I hope that helps.

Those are the five ways to turbocharge your digital marketing for 2021. If you’re watching this on YouTube, like our YouTube channel. Go ahead and give us a thumbs up. Hit that notifications bell so we can get the next different content pieces we put out.

We’re coming up with about five new ones really soon. We’re going to start interviewing successful tree service business owners that share their story, how they went from where they were when they started to a million, two million, five million dollars a year. You want to get those notifications and see that. If you’re on the podcast, subscribe to our channel. We’re going to have a lot of those too.

Anyway, if you have any questions and you want to give me a call, you can call the number at 770‑637‑3707. It actually just chopped up. Let me make sure it didn’t record that. We had a little pause there with the intermittent Internet there. If you had a question, you could give me a call directly at 770‑637‑3707 or contact us here.

If you need any help, setting anything up or pointing in the right direction, happy to help you.

If you want to schedule a time to go over your own business and how we can help you market your business, you can go to

All right. Until next time. Appreciate you guys taking the time to watch this video. I hope to talk to you soon. Thanks a lot.

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