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Should I Post On My Google My Business Listing?

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Blog

Wesley Smith:  [00:02] Hey guys, I think this post is live now. I want to do a quick update post on what we’ve been seeing, some really good positive trends on the Google Map listing, Google My Business listing. The new feature they offer is called the Posts.

[00:40] You can actually post on your Google My Business listing. It really gives a lot of trash locally in your marketing. You can just go to keywords, to where it shows up in local search. I want to show you what we’ve been finding.

[00:52] I hope everybody had a great holiday yesterday, and took a good three‑day weekend. We actually worked a little bit but we took a little bit of time as well. I want to show you what we were working on and what we’ve been testing over the past couple of months. It’s really making a difference in the visibility of your Google Map listing.

[01:11] One of the things that we’ve been doing is, if you’re inside your Google My Business listing here, you may have noticed a couple of changes over the past few months. This has been up since about last summer, maybe even before that, maybe last spring.

[01:24] There’s a little section called “Posts.” Now you can go in and you can post quick little updates, quick little shares about your company. Maybe you want to upload a couple new photos about a job you just did.

[01:41] What we like to do is post on this posting area on Google My Business, good key words. If you’re located in Sanford, Florida for example, you would go in here and you would type in, “For the best tree service in Sanford, Florida, why don’t go ahead and give us a call today?”

“[01:55] We provide free estimates, free consultations, and things like that. Give us a call at the number below.” You can pick one of these buttons. There’s a Learn More button, there’s a Call Now button. What we typically find works the best is Learn More.

[02:08] You can have a link to your website on that button, or you get a link to your contact page on your website. Or you can simply choose the phone number of your business. When they click on it, it makes a direct call right to your office. It’s a live call.

[02:23] These posts are starting to get some insane visibility in your local market. Google likes new content, so it’s not a coincidence that these are getting a whole lot of action, a whole lot of visibility in the local market.

[02:35] I want to show you some of the insights that we’ve been seeing in some of the local search results that we’ve seen from these posting tests that we’ve been doing over the past couple months.

[02:44] The good practice is to post once per week because these posts expire after seven days. What you want to do is post and put on your calendar, block off every Monday, every Tuesday, or every Wednesday perhaps, you’re going to do a new post and keep up with it.

[03:00] Of course, we can help you implement a systematic approach to it, if you’d like. We can help with implementation on that. Let me show you what’s going on with these posts. If I go back to the home page, look at this right here. Over the last month, look at the map’s views now of this client’s maps, if you can see that.

[03:22] Hopefully you can see this on my screen. It’s up 430 percent from the previous 30 days. That’s insane. People have seen this tree service contractor’s map 1,450 times over the past month because of this posting, because of this updating the photos.

[03:42] Another thing that we do too is we upload new photos weekly, as well, in order to get more visibility on your listing. Uploading those new photos gets some action going with your Google My Business listing. Literally guys, probably 90, 95 percent of the map listings out there are just dormant.

[03:59] They are collecting dust. People don’t even post on there. By doing this you are going to be ahead of the other 95 percent of tree contractors in your local market. Google’s going to reward you for that.

[04:09] They are going to show your map listing more often because you are active. They want to show relevant results when people do local search for tree trimming. You can see that’s insane. 430 percent over the last 30 days, up over 430 percent from the previous 30 days, 191 views on the Google map listing.

[04:28] It’s going to generate more traffic and more calls. Let me show you what it looks like in the search results. If you are going to search for the business…

[04:37] [background sounds only]

Wesley:  [04:42] Once you do these posts and upload new photos and things like that, here’s the client’s Google My Business listing. What you’re going to see is right below all of that, you are going to see the posts. See right here where it shares a front page.

[04:56] You really take care of your listing and you’re updating it regularly, they’re going to show you here. They are going to show the reviews. At the bottom they are going to say, “from the company.” That’s going to be your business description which you need to type in there, as well.

[05:10] Look right here. It’s going to show these fresh posts every time you make a post. This one’s six days old. We’re scheduled to post another one tomorrow. It shows in the search results. If you click on View All, potential clients can see that you’re active on here.

[05:25] Here’s another one from a couple weeks ago. They see these posts, and see these photos that are uploaded. All these photos are uploaded with specific latitude, longitude, geopost modified pictures. They’ve got your local area data on there.

[05:43] Whenever they get posted on the Google My Business listing, it’s going to have a lot of local search relevance, because these photos are geotagged to the local market that your Google My Business is listed in.

[05:52] For example, this is Sanford, Florida. When the photos get uploaded with different coding on it that says Sanford, Florida has the latitude and longitude of Sanford, Florida, on the Google maps, Google’s going to see that. They see everything. It helps to get more visibility on here.

[06:08] I wanted to show you that. It really helps. We’re seeing that across the board. We could show you several different clients Google My Business listings on that. If you go here, here’s another one. This one’s up over 752 percent over the last 30 days.

[06:27] That’s because we’ve started posting regularly. People are seeing it more, more and more. It’s more visible. It’s having an impact on your local search results on your Google My Business listing. If there’s 30 Google listings in your local market, you need to be active on there.

[06:42] There’s a lot of other things that go along with it too as far as your directory listings being accurate, having enough photos, making sure it’s optimized all the way in your website, your phone number, everything’s accurate in there.

[06:52] The other things are, its being active on there weekly. By uploading these photos that are geotagged, and posting relevant content on your listing, it’s going to help your listing stand out.

[07:03] If there’s 30 of them, and 26 of them nobody’s doing anything, you’re going to win by default because you’re active on your Google My Business listing. These things turn into a lot of calls. These Google My Business listings show up all over the local market.

[07:18] I hope this video helps show you the importance of making sure you stay active on there, posting and uploading photos regularly. We’re seeing a huge jump in activity on our clients’ Google My Business listings by using these posts.

[07:32] If you have any questions you can respond to this post here. You can comment or you can send me a direct message on the page that you’re seeing this video from. We’re going to be doing another webinar coming up next week, replaying the 2020 marketing plan webinar for tree service contractors.

[07:48] We had such a positive response. A lot of people couldn’t make the live video from last month. We’re going to re‑do it this month, have a couple extra nuggets in there for you. I hope you have a great week.

[07:58] If we can help you in anyway just message us here or give us a call. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.

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