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How To Advertise Your Tree Service Business

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Blog


How To Advertise Your Tree Service Business

Wesley Smith: [0:00] Hey guys, Wesley Smith here, Tree Service Digital, hope everybody’s doing well. I wanted to bring to you another most commonly searched topic online for how to advertise my tree service business.

[0:14] I’ve put together this Top 10 ways to advertise your tree service business, for the “Tree Service Marketing Profits” podcast. If you’re listening to the podcast, go ahead and like the podcast, subscribe to our podcast.

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[0:44] We’ll get right into today’s topic, which is how to advertise my tree service business, very commonly searched on Google, from probably tree service contractors, and tree care companies out there.

[0:53] The top 10 ways to advertise, we’ve put together a little Tree Service Marketing template. Tree Service advertising template. The top 10 ways to advertise are as follows.

[1:03] Number one (1), get a website for your business. If you’re in the tree service business, you definitely want a website for your business. The number one reason is because everybody, when they do business with a company, they want to eventually look up your company.

[1:16] Where they’re ultimately going to end up, whether they’re coming from your Facebook page, your Google My Business listing, YouTube channel, wherever, Google ads, they’re going to end up on your website at some point.

[1:28] Your website’s a good chance to showcase your company. All the services that you do, things that you provide. Things like that, so it is beneficial to have a great website.

[1:38] Not to mention it will break highly in your local market for searches, and bring in a lot of phone calls from people looking for tree service work and estimates. Definitely want to get a website for your business.

[1:47] Number two (2), is verify your Google My Business listing on the Google Maps. If you have a Gmail account, Google account, all you have to is log in there. You can go to the little apps, tic‑tac‑toe‑looking section at the top right of your Gmail, click on that.

[2:04] It’ll pull up some options. You want to click on the Google My Business. When you click on Google My Business storefront‑looking icon, it’ll walk you through how to set that up. Add an address that can you do business out of, etc.

[2:15] That’s going to help you put you on the maps. It’s going to show where your business is physically located, a radius around your business for getting customers in the local area.

[2:24] It’s a good way to get reviews. Get testimonials on there. Upload a lot of pictures, photos of your crews, your trucks, doing work, everything like that, to showcase your business.

[2:34] Number three (3), is run Google Ads. Formerly, AdWords, is what it was called. They shortened it. Run Google Ads in your local market, which is pay‑per‑click marketing. The great thing about Google AdWords, Google Ads now, you can run the ads in the specific zip codes, the specific cities that you want to target.

[2:54] Most of the time with tree service companies, I don’t know about your market, sometimes you’re in a big market, big city, so you don’t need to service outlying cities. A lot of people are in rural markets, or suburban markets of a major city. They want to target four, five, six, other small suburban cities nearby.

[3:11] Great thing about Google AdWords is you can focus on the areas that you want to get more calls coming in. You also can focus on the keywords you want more business of.

[3:20] Let’s say, for example, you do stump removal if you get the tree removal, but you don’t want to advertise for stump removal, right? You don’t have to target those keywords in Google AdWords. We can just target tree service, tree removal.

[3:33] You can also put negative keywords in there, too. If you get competitor searches, people searching for Christmas trees, or Dollar Tree. Stuff that you don’t want to show up, for tree service equipment, then your ads won’t show up as well. You’ve got to target that, detail that, but that’s a great way to bring in a lot more business, and advertise your tree service business.

[3:53] Number four (4), post on social media. If you want to advertise your business, you certainly can boost posts on Facebook, Instagram, different social media channels. Posting on your social media channel, inviting all your friends to like your Facebook business page, it will go a long way.

[4:12] Get some likes on there. You can then boost those posts. You can post videos on Facebook, post photos on Facebook. Share those on your personal profile. Share your business page on your personal profile. People will not be able to help but see it.

[4:26] Then you also can run ads. You can do re‑targeting for website visitors, things like that. Social media is very powerful. It also gives you social proof. People can give you reviews on there. It’s imperative that you get social media set up as well.

[4:38] Number five (5). Don’t underestimate your personal social media pages. Post on there. “Hey, we just took down some trees in X‑Y‑Z neighborhood, check out the work we did. You need any help? Give me a call.”

[4:53] You can post on your personal page. I would say, mix that in. Your business page, you can post all business stuff about tree service on your Facebook tree service business page, but on your Facebook personal profile, maybe just do a few posts here and there about business, but mainly family‑post, friends‑post. Your particular social media‑type, interest‑type posts.

[5:14] Just do a business one once in a while. Maybe every fifth, or tenth post on there about business. It really helps, because you probably have a lot more friends on your personal profile, than you do on your business page, typically.

[5:24] Number six (6), if you’re already out doing work in the field, a good tree service advertisement is to put signs out in yards that you’re doing tree work in. With your business name and phone number, and tree service, really big.

[5:39] When you’re doing a job, you’re taking down some trees in a neighborhood, think about it, there’s probably a hundred, two hundred, three hundred houses in that neighborhood typically. You put your sign out in the front yard, with permission of the owner, of course. Maybe once you sign the estimate, they want to move forward with the work, maybe you can get a sign in the yard at that point.

[5:55] If it takes a few days for you guys to get out there and do the work, then you’ve got the sign out there for two, three, four, five days. All the neighbors that pass by are going to see that sign, right?

[6:03] If that neighbor is using you for tree service work, well that’s a good recommendation that you’re probably doing a good job. Really helps putting a sign out in the yard, that’s another way you can get some calls coming in, in the same area.

[6:14] Number seven (7) is, wrap your trucks with your lettering, your phone number, website, and what you do. Write Tree Service big on your trucks. Have your logo on there, where it’s a recognizable logo and brand, where people can see you, on your trucks.

[6:30] They see you on the website. They’re going to see you on social media. They’re going to see you on the Google My Business listing, on the maps, etc. That branding, your logo, your colors, what you do, really large on your truck, is going to a long way in getting calls, too. You’re probably driving around town all day, every day, doing jobs.

[6:49] Two, three, four jobs a day, per crew. If you’re doing that, imagine how many people are seeing your truck. Don’t discount wrapping your trucks with lettering. It’s a one time charge, you’re going to get a lot more return on investment with that truck if you have lettering on it.

[7:04] Number eight (8), you can do direct mail in your local area. This is more complicated. You can do it, it’s easy, there’s service providers out there as well, that’ll provide direct mail for you. Direct mail, you can use Every Door Direct Mail, with the post office, pick zip codes and people’s demographics, with their income, sort, different things like that.

[7:24] You can actually send letters to home owners, that you’re in the area, and you can perform tree service work for a discount, since you’re already in the area‑type letter. With your logo on it, your branding. A call to action with a phone number, maybe your website.

[7:39] All those people that get your direct mail are going to look at your website, probably. Not all of them, but some of them will. You want to have a good website, because that’s going to lead back to what we were talking about, with the number one thing, get a nice website for your business.

[7:52] Direct mail works very well. You just got to put all the pieces together for that, it can be a very good way to advertise your tree service business, keep your windshield time down, and work in a local area.

[8:04] Number nine (9) is, hand out business cards to everyone and anyone. If you’re in a local market, when you’re going out to lunch, anywhere you go to. With your family, with your friends, anywhere. Always have five to ten business cards in your pocket, I would suggest.

[8:23] That way you can always hand them out. “Hey, what do you guys do?” Well, we do tree service work, here’s our business card. You ever know anybody that needs tree service work, we’d be happy to help them, we’ll take care of them like family. Something like that.

[8:32] Business cards go a long way, it’s a nice little advertisement, somebody keeps in their pocket, keeps in their car, keeps on their counter at their house, or their desk. They don’t always throw those away. People do keep them, they lay around. I know I’ve got several of them upstairs in my house. From time to time I see them. It keeps reminding me of that business.

[8:52] Last but not least, number ten (10) is, network with landscapers in your area who don’t do tree service work. If you know landscapers that are doing landscaping projects, lawn care, different things like that, sometimes the landscapers will do very minimal tree trimming work, if it’s low‑hanging branches.

[9:12] Most of the time, they don’t have the equipment, the expertise, the safety training, any of that stuff to do actual tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, tree felling, stump removal, tree healthcare, spraying, fertilizing. They don’t know how to do all of that stuff typically.

[9:28] By networking with other landscapers, and taking care of their customers, let them know that you’ll either give them a discount for the volume of business they refer to you, or give them a percentage, maybe throw them a hundred bucks per referral. Whatever that is, if you get that business.

[9:45] That’s going to help get you on the map, get you out there, as well. That’s free. That’s just calling landscape companies, getting introduced to landscaping companies, and letting them know what you do. How you can do it safely. Getting those reviews built up, it’s going to help with that angle as well.

[10:00] They’re going to see, you’ll get a lot of online reviews, they’re probably going to be happy to recommend your company. Keeping a good word, keeping a good image, and a good reputation online goes a long way with a lot of these different tactics.

[10:14] Hope you enjoyed this, hope you got some value out of it. This is how to advertise your tree service business in your local market, the top 10 ways to advertise. We’ll go through them quick.

  1. Get a website for your business.
  2. Verify your Google My Business map listing.
  3. Run Google Ads in your local market, which is pay‑per‑click marketing.
  4. Post on social media, which is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever you have.
  5. Share on your personal Facebook profile, Instagram, etc.
  6. Put out signs in yards that you’re doing tree work in, with your business name, and full number and call to action.
  7. Wrap your trucks with lettering, branding, phone number, and website.
  8. Do direct mail in your local area.
  9. Hand out business cards to everyone and anyone that you come across in your local market.
  10. Network with other landscapers who don’t do tree service work in your area.

[11:15] That’s it folks, that’s the top 10 ways to advertise your tree service business. You have any questions, you can comment on the YouTube video. If you’re watching it from YouTube go ahead and like and subscribe it.

[11:25] Or, if you’re listening to it on the podcast, we’d appreciate you rating or subscribing to our podcast. It helps us out with all the content, and the time it takes to put this stuff together.

[11:34] Or, on social media, if you’ve seen it you can comment, if you’ve got any questions I’d be happy to share what’s working best. Until next time, this is Tree Service Marketing Profits, I’m Wesley Smith, and hope you have a nice day. Thank you.

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